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The purpose of this internet store is to raise money for the cost of tuition and travel to a Design Writing and Research Summer Intensive workshop at the D-Crit MFA program at SVA in New York this June. (Whew, what a mouthful.)

I usually write when I travel, but then I tuck it away and don't share it. This time will be different, in that I'll be writing A LOT and I plan to share my thoughts as I go.

You can benefit from that! By purchasing this item, you are purchasing a yet-to-be-written account of real experiences in a real place. This is non-fiction. I will make and send these items from New York, with whatever copy/print options are available to me. It's like an analog blog.

You will likely receive a single piece of colored paper with handwritten or typed content on it, folded and made into a little newsletter or zine or poster.

Choose your preferred story in the options below, or take a gamble and pick one of the unknowns!

Please note: topics are subject to change based on my whim and/or factors beyond my control.